From Homer to Homer

I haven’t blogged in ages! I’ve been reading a lot and working on a new manuscript but I’ve certainly neglected this space. I guess there’s not been much to write about. Well, apart from the fact the American president is basically a clown. Yeah, it’s essentially the most ridiculous thing that’s ever happened. The world of 2017 is rapidly losing context.

I did recently come across the concept of ‘oversimplified histories‘. They’re basically just compressed presentations of complex historical subjects with a strong focus on satire and sarcasm. Real nerdy. I love it. Ironically, you can’t really enjoy the true comedy of an oversimplified history unless you know the actual history, but I think a really well done oversimplified history should still be able to be appreciated even by people with a limited understanding of the given subject.

So, seeing as ‘Western Civilization’ – whatever the hell that phrase even means – is being steadily kicked in the balls of late, I decided to present ‘The Oversimplified History of Western Civilization’. I’ve chosen just two key images to bookend this concept as succinctly as possible.

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