A New Dope

A lot has happened since I last blogged. So much, in fact, that it’s warranted a slight website update. Having received the last rejection letters for Joker, I decided to make it available for free online, alongside my other three unpublished manuscripts: The Virgins of Mars, Psych World, and The Candour – which, although it remains unpublished, is a piece of writing that could actually get me killed someday…

The book covers are pretty basic at the moment (that’s generous – they’re shit) because I did them myself on Microsoft Word. But I’ve promised an artist friend of mine some coffee, alcohol, and/or money in exchange for her designing me some proper covers, so both the books and the website should look a little cooler soon!

You may also notice that all the Writer vs the World blog entries have been taken down. I took them offline and have compiled them into a polished manuscript of the same name. I also added in various ‘incidences’ that I left out at the time. Some pretty crazy stuff went down. It’s a pretty compelling read, I think. Here’s hoping fifth time’s a charm. If not, I’ll make it available for free here too. I don’t write for the money – and it’s just as well!

I was tempted to add one final entry to that diary, an entry that would answer all the questions I left open. However, doing so was too painful. Suffice it to say – shit got real.

Besides, I feel that such an entry might actually make for an arresting opening to a sequel; Writer Reverses the World, or maybe I should just call it Writer vs the World 2? Whatever it gets titled, indeed wherever I go next, I need to save some money first before I can venture back out into the world and begin writing about it. I scored a cool job back at WingNut Films here in Wellington. There’s a map of the world on the wall by my desk…

unnamedThis is, of course, all assuming there’s still a world left to travel in now that we’ve entered the Trump era. I really wish I was kidding about this, but there’s been so much sensationalism, hysteria, and confusion lately, propelled by misinformation and disinformation, that making any sense of anything has become exhausting – and thus more than just a little frightening. On top of all this, it seems all reasonable dialogue has completely broken down between opposing sides, with people either fueling their anger or seeking refuge from it within their online and real life echo chambers. If things don’t calm down soon in the United States and around the world, it’s hard to imagine how a peaceful reconciliation might begin to occur.

Is the United States really witnessing a coup, or is this notion just yet more unhelpful hysteria? If it is a coup, it seems purely reliant on boiling frogs. Maybe that’s the only way such a stunt could be pulled off in 21st century America? Is this orchestration of Stephen Bannon’s really as nefarious as some people claim?

My two cents? There’s nothing sinister happening. All that’s taking place is an extreme faction of a far-right minority political party is seizing control of all branches of government of the most powerful industrial, economic, and military force the world has ever seen. Nope, nothing to see here

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